Cranston Senior Hockey League

CSHL Rules


Eastern/Western/Southern Division - 18 years old and over.

Player can play in more than one division (no more than one division up/down) but only one roster in division (captains must check in players with scorer prior to game).

Southern Division is allowed (1) player per team from Eastern Division and no more than 5 from Western Division.

Substitute players - After (2) games played with same team in division player not eligible to play for another team in same division.

Playoff Eligibility: 4 games Eastern Division - Division 3 games Western Division - 3 games Southern Division

If any team continues to advance to the finals in a division consistently, the CSHL reserves the right to realign a division to make it more competitive for all teams


USA Hockey rules apply (automatic icing (blue line), no red line).

Face-offs - offensive zone when there is a penalty.

3 (12) minute periods.

Minor penalties (1:30) Major penalties (5:00).

Shoot-out - 3 man (one round) in regular season only.

(1) time out each in regular season & playoffs (1 in regulation & 1 in OT).

Running time (6+ goals) in 3rd period.

Playoffs - Sudden death overtime (12 min period) if tied after 3 periods.

Helmets are required for all players.

Each player must wear a team jersey matching in color with numbers.

Teams are responsible to provide alternate player a jersey.

No checking.

Teams may play with 6 skaters (no goalie) to start the game and finish (if no regular goalie or game after goalie).

If a team has 5 or less skaters, team may pick up no more than (2) players (7 players maximum on team) from previous game.

Tiebreaker policy for league standings: (1) most wins, (2) least losses, (3) head-to-head, (4) goals for minus goals against, (5) fewest penalties, (6) coin toss.


(3) penalties in one game: game misconduct (1st offense) - (1) game suspension (2nd offense/3rd offense) - suspension rest of season (4th offense).

No fighting: Major & (1) game suspension - Major & suspension remainder of season (2nd offense).

Game misconducts: (1) game suspension (2nd offense) - (3) games (3rd offense) - suspension remainder of season (4th offense).

Verbal abuse of officials: (1) game suspension (1st offense) - (3) games (2nd offense) - suspension remainder of season (3rd offense).

Suspension (roster-ed in another division): Suspended player is also ineligible to play for other team following week (including playoffs). If suspension is in the last playoff game, player is suspended first game of following season.

All previous discipline actions (from other seasons) will be also be considered to determine any future suspensions.

Any player who is ejected from a game (who refuses to leave the ice) will result in a forfeit for his team.

Note: Offenses are totaled no matter if player plays on another team in another division.

Any player who receives a combination of 4 offenses in one season is suspended rest of season.

League fee:

Any team that is late in payments to the league will be forced to forfeit each game and will not be allowed on the ice until payment is received in full.

League fees are collected from teams not individual players.

If a team forfeits a game (not enough players) on the day of a scheduled game, the opposing team will receive a 1-0 win from the forfeit, no game rescheduled and no refund to other team (rink, scorer and officials are compensated).

The CSHL reserves the right to forfeit any make-up games due to non-payment and remove any team from the league within reason (failure to follow payment schedule, discipline issues, etc.).  Any team that has a past due balance at the mid-point of the season (i.e game #10 of 20 game regular season) shall forfeit any make-up games active on the schedule.   Both teams will receive a pre-determined credit for such game(s).

If a team forfeits (2) consecutive games, they are suspended from the CSHL (refund may/may not be issued).

In the event the league is shut down all teams will receive a pre-determined refund for games not played.


It is understood by all who participate in CSHL league games that they do so at their own risk and the league assumes no responsibility for injuries or deaths that may occur. Any person who participates in our league, or who is present at a league event, for whatever the reason, does so entirely at their own risk.

The CSHL reserves the right to suspend a player for any amount of games and/or season for inappropriate behavior and to make any changes or add to these rules at any time with notice in order to maintain a safe, fun and competitive league.