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  • (3) penalties in one game/4:30 Total: game misconduct (1st offense) - (1) game suspension (2nd offense/3rd offense) - suspension rest of season (4th offense)
  • No fighting: game misconduct & (1) game suspension (1st offense) - game misconduct & suspension remainder of season (2nd offense)
  • Game misconducts: (1) game suspension  (2nd offense) - (3) games (3rd offense) - suspension remainder of season (4th offense)
  • Verbal abuse of officials: (1) game suspension (1st offense) - (3) games (2nd offense) - suspension remainder of season (3rd offense)
  • Any player who receives a combination of (4) offenses in one season is suspended for the rest of season
  • Any player suspended (who is on a roster in another division) is also suspended for other division game (game that week or following week)
  • Any major offenses (fighting, intent to injure, verbal abuse to officials) committed in a previous season will be added to determine disciplinary action

 #10 Paul Flynn
Devil Dawgs
 Suspended indefinitely
 Mike Rose
G Media/Clem's Electric
 Suspended indefinitely
#7 Damon Ascenzi
Dirty Orrs
 Suspended indefinitely
 #5 Roy Spiridi
 Game Misconduct (Fighting) & Game Misconduct (Intent to injure) & Suspension (Remainder of Season-2nd Fighting Major)
 #12 Chris Fyfe
 Game Misconduct (Fighting) & Unsportsmanlike Conduct & Suspension (Remainder of Season - 4 Total Offenses in Season)
 Norm Vickers
 Whalers II
 Game Misconduct (Fighting) & Suspension (Remainder of Season - 2nd Fighting Major)